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Attention: Web Gallery Wizard has been replaced by Shozam!

Web Gallery Wizard is a discontinued old product. The new Shozam product adds support for audio, video, maps, PayPal, custom HTML and much more... Go to the new Shozam website for details and to download the FREE TRIAL.


Services overview

Custom web galleries and business licenses.


License for commercial use - obtaining a Business Use License Agreement

Web Gallery Wizard and Web Gallery Wizard PRO include a Personal Use License, allowing you to create as many albums and galleries as you want and post them wherever you please. This license is unrestricted as long as the credit line, which appears at the bottom of each Web Gallery page, remains in tact.

Web Gallery Wizard PRO also entitles you to a Business Use License (to be used by a business or commerce use site), at no extra cost. You can create unlimited Web Galleries as long as they are posted to one URL. Additional Business Use Licenses can be purchased for $49.95 each.

To obtain a Business Use License Agreement:

  • Buy Web Gallery Wizard PRO (each copy of the program entitles you to one Business Use License at no extra cost)
  • Email us the URL pointing to the Web Gallery and the name of the company or client, and we will send you the Business Use License Agreement in email

If you need more than one Business Use License (e.g. for multiple businesses or clients), additional licenses cost $49.95 each. You can either 1) buy additional copies of the program (each copy entitles you to one Business Use License), send us an email with your order number(s) and request a copy of the Agreement; or, 2) send us an email with your additional license request(s), we will invoice you via PayPal (no need to purchase additional copies of the program) and we will send you the Agreement in email.

To inquire further, please email us at:

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Removing the "Web gallery generated by Web Gallery Wizard PRO™" link

Web Gallery Wizard (Standard and PRO versions) display a credit line at the bottom of all generated HTML pages. The Personal Use and Business Use licenses do not allow the removal of this credit line.

We do make an exception for Web design companies that use the program to generate galleries for their clients and prefer not to disclose their gallery tool. To have the right to remove the credit line, you must purchase a multiple license package. This package provides you with six licenses and the right to remove the credit line. If you require more than six licenses, let us know.

To purchase the multiple license package:

  • Buy one copy of Web Gallery Wizard PRO ($49.95) which will give you the software and one Business Use License.
  • Email us with the order number for the PRO version you purchased, and state that you would like to buy the multiple license package. We will invoice you (via PayPal) an additional $249.75 ($49.95x5). You will then have a total of six Business Use Licenses
  • We will send you the Business Use License Agreement amended to give you the right to remove the credit line
  • We also will provide you with an add-on utility to assist with generating galleries without the credit line
  • As you create galleries for your clients, email us the URL pointing to the Web Gallery and the name of the company or client

To inquire further or to request a multiple license package, please email us at:

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Web Gallery customization services

Web Galleries can be modified, without restriction, as long as the galleries retain the credit line (linking to our site) stating that the gallery was generated using Web Gallery Wizard. Galleries can also be integrated into in an existing branded site or page, using HTML frames.

We also create custom themes that incorporate your logo, colors and other branding elements. These services typically cost $300.

If you are thinking about modifying your Web Gallery, please see our FAQs about creating and changing Web Gallery themes in our Support section. This information will help you get the best results from your modifications.

We are presently looking into providing easy theme customization features from within the product. This functionality may be available in future versions of Web Gallery Wizard. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified of new developments.

See custom theme example

For inquiries about KOMOTION services, email us at:

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Partnerships/Business Development

Have a partnership idea? We are always interested in hearing about business opportunities with companies that offer complementary products and services. Email us at:

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